Our Proven BPM Methodology

  • We initiate every project by providing guidance in establishing your BPM framework and governance structure
  • We conduct workshops to introduce your staff to the BPM concepts and methodologies.
  • We work with various intelligent Business Process Management (BPM) tools and suggest the best tool to be used based on your needs, technology footprint and process maturity levels.
  • Our introductory workshops are complemented by our partners’ virtual training courses in the use of the selected BPM tool and platform with their easy-to-use capabilities.

Our intelligent process modelling tool allows you to:

  • Readily build complex flowcharts and manage process documents, resources, risks and IT systems with performance metadata.
  • Have process models that are truly comprehensive that includes a central repository of your policies and procedures.
  • Manage versions of your process maps, where you can easily see version history, change notes, and compare two versions of a process.
  • Achieve greater transparency and collaboration as you gain the autonomy to design, develop and document processes as a team.
  • See all company processes in one shared process portal.

From the process maps created, our low-code/no-code platforms allow you to:

  • Deploy workflow solutions and automate your processes faster, so you see a Return on Investment (ROI) sooner.
  • Achieve powerful productivity gains within your reach - where a process model can quickly be connected to back-end systems; complex business rules can be executed using comparisons and logic statements; and human-centric tasks can be managed in a Form Wizard connected to multiple data sources.
  • Easily created digitized forms that arrive directly in the users’ email client with all the relevant data required for them to complete the task.
  • Leverage Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that supports your enterprise in its digital journey to meld human and machine effectively as repetitive tasks are eliminated.

Live workflow monitoring with powerful analytics allow you to:

  • Look into the depths of your process execution metrics to assess how the execution is progressing and to update your process mapping and automation based on data-driven insights.
  • Monitor the process bottlenecks to refine and to pinpoint potential process improvement opportunities, thereby enabling your business to perform at its peak.